Zenkaï, a brand that embodies the urban spirit, positions itself as a pioneer of the urban movement, as evidenced by its slogan "urban movement wear". She boldly embraces all the challenges of everyday life, the moments of celebration, the intoxicating music and the energy of sport. After an absence of more than ten years and its abandonment in the public domain, Zenkaï is making a remarkable comeback, reborn from its ashes with a new trademark. By revisiting its best-selling graphics and exploring exciting new themes, it is generating excitement among both its die-hard loyal fans and the new urban generation!

The Zenkaï brand, founded in 2001, experienced dazzling success in the early 2000s. Starting from nothing, Zenkaï quickly made a solid place for itself on the Swiss market thanks to its trendiest multi-brand boutiques of the time. , as well as in the United Kingdom and San Sebastian in Spain. In addition to this, the brand has successfully opened two own boutiques in Vevey and Geneva. In addition, Zenkaï will also make a remarkable first appearance at the Whosenext international fair in Paris, with its own stand.

The Zenkaï brand will be widely adopted by many clubbers and personalities from the artistic world, particularly in the fields of music and urban culture. Each week, the photos taken in different clubs will highlight clubbers proudly displaying the Zenkaï brand. In addition, renowned DJs such as Angel Cielo (Ibiza), Gianni Parrini (Rimini), Koris (Switzerland) and many others, will be proud to represent the brand as sponsors.